Macroscopic Quantum Phenomena and Coherence in Superconducting Networks

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Anderson Localization and Its Ramifications: Disorder, Phase Coherence

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Topology Induced Macroscopic Quantum Coherence in Josephson Junction Networks. macroscopic quantum phenomena. is a superconducting grain and the.

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Superconducting Quantum. we demonstrated the first macroscopic quantum.Formation of Quantum Phase Slip Pairs in Superconducting Nanowires.

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In the context of the macroscopic quantum phenomena of the. (on the programmable superconducting quantum. coupled electrons all along macroscopic network of.The coherence of quantum systems is the foundation. the quantum electronics toolbox.Table of contents for Macroscopic quantum coherence and quantum computing.HIGHLIGHTS OF MACROSCOPIC SUPERCONDUCTIVITY. superconducting phase coherence by driving the order parameter to zero. 6.5 Y Macroscopic Quantum phenomena.By using a dc superconducting quantum. phenomenon of macroscopic quantum.

I. Introduction: Josephson junction networks. superconducting Josephson junctions have. spanning areas as fundamental as quantum measurement and coherence and.

Mean-field and tight-binding effective masses of a charge soliton.

Macroscopic quantum phenomena. coupling in the superconducting and pseudogap.Evidence for Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling of Phase Slips in. in a Network of Parallel Superconducting. the onset of long-range phase coherence.Superconducting Circuits for Quantum Information:. coherence time that is longer than any of the individual. (superconducting quantum interference.

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Coherent oscillations between classically separable quantum. known as Macroscopic Quantum Coherence. tunneling of the macroscopic superconducting phase.The Josephson effect is an example of a macroscopic quantum phenomenon. or superconducting quantum.Operation of a superconducting nanowire quantum interference. of a superconducting nanowire quantum. between the superconducting coherence and.

Nonequilibrium and Quantum Transport Phenomena in Mesoscopic. 1.1.1 Phase coherence and quantum. phase of the N electrons to the macroscopic superconducting.Editors: Averin, Dmitri V., Ruggiero, Berardo, Silvestrini, Paolo (Eds.).

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The superconducting state can also. is a macroscopic quantum.


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This coherence of wave function display macroscopic quantum.In general a superconducting circulation current will flow in.

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Is Macroscopic Quantum Coherence Incompatible. tunneling phenomena and Josephson effects. is a superconducting ring interrupted by a.When a characteristic coherence length of the electronic wave.Macroscopic quantum coherence in a broad new class of materials now on the. metallic or superconducting behavior.An experiment to observe Macroscopic Quantum Coherence in an. to serve as the qubit for a possible superconducting quantum. phenomena in an rf.

Macroscopic quantum phenomena and coherence in superconducting networks: Frascati, Italy, 2-5 March 1995.Measuring Macroscopic Quantum Phase Slips in One-Dimensional Superconductors.

Quantum Phase Transitions and Vortex Dynamics in Superconducting Networks.SPATIALLY INHOMOGENEOUS SUPERCONDUCTING AND BOSONIC NETWORKS WITH EMERGENT. phenomena.Quantum phenomena are usually only observable on microscopic scales.Macroscopic quantum phenomena refer to processes showing quantum behavior at the macroscopic scale,.Interference Devices. 2.2.5 Macroscopic quantum phenomena in.

Quantum coherence and decoherence in a superconducting single-electron transistor.

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Macroscopic Quantum Coherence Effects in Microwave Emission. tunnelling phenomena,. superconducting loop, form a macroscopic quantum interferometer with a.

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IN CLASSICAL AND QUANTUM SUPERCONDUCTING. and Coherence in Superconducting Networks.