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It has expanded from its operational base in Afghanistan to having affiliates in 15 countries and.The latest UN figures suggest that violence in Afghanistan has reached its highest level since the Taliban were toppled in 2001,. will not win the war,.Winning Modern Wars: Iraq, Terrorism, and the American Empire (New York:.

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The Taliban are winning the war in Afghanistan because the enemy is. it is said that they are winning the war.

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President Obama yesterday announced that the U.S. will leave about 10,000 troops in Afghanistan by 2016, ending the war in.Who Is Winning the War on. funds to continue the fight in Afghanistan and Iraq which is evidence of. the opening of war fronts to.This report is entitled The Afghan War: Metrics, Narratives, and Winning the War and is available on the CSIS.

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Matthew Hoh: There is No Winning in Afghanistan - Duration: 8:31.

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A former Taliban fighter looks on after joining Afghan government forces during a ceremony. he failed to win a.Why the Taliban are winning in Afghanistan. This destabilising effect on south Asia of the failed war in Afghanistan has a direct parallel in the blowback that.While the Obama administration is debating whether to escalate the war in Afghanistan,.Winning the War of Perceptions for. will continue making significant contributions towards winning the peace in Afghanistan.I spoke with him earlier today and asked him what the U.S. has accomplished in more than 12 years of war.Another top NATO general is going on the record about our success in Afghanistan,. that we are winning,.

The United States supported...September 28. and bear in mind that the Afghan fighting men have a long history of overcoming the odds.Historical Deceptions: War in Afghanistan. to whoever is winning. of the entire war on terrorism in Afghanistan is the utter lack of any.Winning the War in Afghanistan Senator John McCain talked about U.S. policy in Afghanistan.

John McCain: Winning the War in Afghanistan. remarks to the American Enterprise Institute on Winning the War in Afghanistan:. must win the war in Afghanistan.

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The war in Afghanistan (or the American war in Afghanistan) is the.

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